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Trigger Point Therapy

30 Jan Trigger Point Therapy

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger Point Therapy is a form of therapy that uses deep tissue work to relieve chronic pain. It is a specialized type of bodywork for muscles and connective tissues. Trigger Point Therapy was first used by doctors and physical therapists in the mid-1970s to treat post-traumatic, post-surgical, and chronic pain. Today Trigger Point Therapy has become an essential treatment to help fully restore proper function to muscles and joints in the body following injury.

How does trigger point therapy help?

Trigger point therapy is used to help reduce pain and tension by releasing the contracted fascia, adhesions or knots within muscle tissue, in order to restore proper muscle length and tension.

This method can be used for various conditions like neck pain, headaches, and chronic back pain. Trigger point therapy decreases your chances of getting injured in sport and other rigorous activities.

Who benefits from trigger point therapy?

It’s ideal for those who suffer from chronic pain, such as back and neck pain. However, this technique can be used for anyone who has acute or chronic muscular-skeletal injuries and pains. For chronic long term injuries or pain caused by poor posture and other pain syndromes Trigger Point Therapy it is an essential part of the healing process