Prescription Orthotics Treatment in Douglas, Cork | Haven Pain Relief
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Prescription Orthotics

30 Jan Prescription Orthotics

What are Prescription Orthotics

Prescription or Custom Orthotics are insoles that have been specially made and crafted to correct biomechanical imbalances in your feet and help restore proper function and reduce pain while standing and walking.

Orthotics can also be prescribed as a preventive measure to help people to avoid musculoskeletal problems in the feet and lower leg. A Gaitscan is performed in the doctor’s office using high tech scanning equipment to determine the exact measurements necessary to produce the perfect corrective Orthotic insole.


The symptoms that lead to orthotic prescription may include:

  • foot pain when walking or running,
  • foot pain that persists during rest,
  • foot pain with prolonged standing or walking
  • foot pain with prolonged sitting
  • foot numbness
  • a feeling of instability in the heel area
  • pain when inverting your foot (toe touching your shin)
  • Foot pain associated with Plantar fasciitis


The treatment by way of orthotic prescription is very common in order to relieve pain. Orthotics are also prescribed when there are problems with posture, muscle weakness or imbalance, or foot abnormalities.