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Far Infrared Therapy

30 Jan Far Infrared Therapy

What is far-infrared therapy?

Far-infrared therapy (FIR) is a non-invasive therapeutic modality that penetrates deep into the tissue to promote healing on all levels. FIR can be used on both acute injuries such as sports injuries or postoperative treatments as well as chronic conditions such as arthritis or more generalized pain syndromes.

The infrared light of the far-infrared lights penetrates deep into the tissue and stimulates blood flow and cells to regenerate. It also stimulates the release of endorphins which are natural morphine like substances in our body that help reduce pain and promote relaxation.

How does far-infrared therapy work?

Far-infrared therapy is a type of therapeutic treatment for pain relief, muscle relaxation, and improved blood circulation. The benefits of this therapy are due to the increased circulation in the tissue. This therapy is much better for you than just taking a hot bath, because it will penetrate to much deeper levels in your skin.

What are the benefits?

Far-infrared therapy is a natural treatment that has been used for centuries to treat the human body, having benefits to both health and beauty.

The use of infrared therapy has increased in the last few years, due to its ability to provide relief from various ailments, including pain relief, improved blood circulation, better sleep quality and improved metabolism.

Should you try far infrared therapy?

Infrared therapy can help with pain and inflammation, and may offer relief from some chronic conditions. It is especially useful for those who aren’t good candidates for traditional treatments, such as those who have already undergone surgery and those with hypersensitive skin. Infrared therapy is also an alternative to laser therapy.

This treatment modality uses infrared light waves to penetrate the skin and cause an increase in blood circulation, which can help fight off pain, stress, and inflammation.