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Specialist Chiropractors Cork

Pain Relief treatment conditions

Learn more about the muscular, skeletal, neurogenic, and health conditions we treat.

pain relief treatments in Douglas, Cork

Learn more about our comprehensive approach to treating acute and chronic pain.

Laser Enhanced Spinal Decompression Douglas, Cork

Learn about laser enhanced spinal decompression as an effective alternative to surgery.

Wellness care Douglas, Cork

Learn more about our wellness services for optimal health at every stage of life

Welcome To Haven Integrative Pain Relief Centre


The Best Chiropractors In Douglas, Cork


Who are Chiropractors?



Chiropractors in Douglas are practitioners who use treatments such as spinal adjustments, other manual therapies, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations in order to restore, enhance, and retain spinal and musculoskeletal function and health. Chiropractic includes additional treatments like nutrition and exercise and focuses on the body’s capacity to heal itself.


The benefits of spinal adjustment and realigning joints, according to chiropractors, are that they enhance the neuromusculoskeletal system’s capacity to function, which in turn enhances the performance of other systems throughout the body.

Everyone should be able to enjoy a full and active life. However, if you are living with pain, you may have lost confidence that you can do the things you love or meet the demands of daily life. But you shouldn’t give up hope. With an accurate diagnosis and the correct treatment, you can reclaim your life.


Haven Integrative Pain Relief Centre, a pain management clinic in Cork, is a leader in comprehensive, patient-centered pain relief care as well as a chiropractic consultant in Cork. We provide a broad range of diagnostic and treatment services including back pain treatment in Cork City to help people of all ages who are suffering from acute or chronic pain regain their health and quality of life.


At Haven we are committed to finding the solution to your pain. Our state-of-the-art clinic offers the most effective non-invasive treatment options currently available for musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain conditions, in a supportive, compassionate environment.


Our chiropractors in Cork address each problem that contributes to your pain and inability to live your life to the fullest, without the use of pain medications, anesthetics, or surgery.


We have exceptional success helping patients of all ages reclaim active, fulfilling lives, even those with difficult conditions who have failed to find relief from multiple other treatment approaches.


Haven has successfully treated thousands of patients from throughout Ireland and has established a national reputation for unsurpassed patient care and effective, lasting relief of pain.


Founder and principal doctor at Haven Pain Relief Centre, Dr. Michael Clifford, also an Orthopedic Chiropractor in Cork, employs a variety of methods to assure quick and efficient recovery from both acute and chronic diseases, with a special emphasis on spinal problems like sciatica, back pain, and neck pain.


We look forward to welcoming you to our Douglas Chiropractic clinic!


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Real Patients. Real Success Stories.

FAQ Section

Q - How Do I Know If My Pain is Acute or Chronic?

A - Acute pain is a signal that something has happened and that something is wrong. Chronic pain is Pain that has lasted beyond six months.

Q - When Should I Seek Treatment for My Pain?

A - Pain in the body is a signal that there is a problem and the sooner the problem is assessed and treated the better the outcome typically is.

Q - What kind of treatments are available at Haven Pain Relief Centre?

A - We have a wide array of treatment options designed to address many conditions. Non surgical spinal decompression, Chiropractic, Laser, Ultrasound, Acupuncture, Massage, and more.

Q - What can I expect when I see my pain management doctor?

A - Your first visit typically will include a consultation, exam and a treatment.

Q - What level of pain relief should I expect from your recommended course of treatment?

A - Our goal is to relieve you pain as soon as possible so that we may treat the underlying cause of your pain for lasting relief.

Q - Do you offer payment options for treatment plans?

A - There are several payment options depending on your needs. Short term care,pay as you go or some discount plans for longer term care if needed.